Q & A
Chromys™ is an automated
LC/ESI-MS impurity profiling tool
for the customized workflow of
oligonucleotide purity analysis.
• Names impurities using a
customizable table of masses.
• Produces detailed reports with UV
integration, mass impurity profiling,
and EIC integration.
  1. Chromys selects the main peak in the UV chromatogram and highlights the corresponding peak in the TIC chromatogram.
  2. Chromys performs mass impurity profiling on the area between the two cursors on the highlighted TIC peak.
  3. Chromys can exclude areas from UV chromatogram peak integration.
  4. Using interactive cursors, the user may manually adjust the region of the TIC used for mass impurity profiling.
  1. Chromys reports known impurities identified from a customizable table of known impurities.
  2. Impurities that do not correspond to an entry in the impurity table are also listed.
  3. Chromys displays different charge state views or the full mass spectrum.
  4. If no sequence is provided but the molecular weight is known, the mass spectral impurities will still be identified.
  1. Chromys automatically displays and integrates EICs corresponding to components of the main UV peak.
  2. Manual peak integration cursor control is available for all EIC plots.
  3. EIC table is exportable as a .csv file.
  4. Impurity profiling information including mass spectrum, chromatograms, and associated tables are captured in a report.
Can Chromys be used to analyze small molecules?
Version 1.0 has been streamlined to analyze oligonucleotides. Future versions of Chromys will allow impurity profiling of other classes of molecules including small molecules and peptides.
What impurities can I identify?
Chromys is built containing tables of common, non-proprietary oligonucleotide monomers and impurities. Your proprietary monomers and impurities can be easily added.
How can I customize Chromys for my workflow?
New monomer and impurity definitions can be added, and the data processing sequence can be automated to accommodate your laboratory workflow. Custom processing components can be added to Chromys to meet your needs. Please contact for more information.
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