Chromys™ is an automated LC/ESI-MS impurity profiling tool.
With Chromys you can quickly process LC/ESI-MS data acquired with Agilent ChemStation data systems.
Create beautiful reports with UV integration, mass impurity profiling, and EIC integration.
Solve your toughest operating problems
with chemistry informatics consulting
from Integrated Chemistry Design:
• Scientific Software Development
• Chemical Information Systems
• Data Mining and Analytics
• Computational Chemistry
• Connected Mobile Applications
Chirys View™
A molecular spreadsheet
designed for Macintosh®
View structures and properties for up to one million compounds.
Merge and edit multiple SDF files.
Automatically calculate properties including: molecular weight, exact mass, hydrogen bond acceptor and donor counts.
Cloud-connected applications
with patented (U.S. Patent Nos. 9,754,085 and 10,424,399)
chemical drawing tools optimized for touch:
Chirys Draw™ – Chemical structure
drawing, designed for touch.
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